Facebook Ads or Google Adwords: Which one is the most effective?

Advertising on Google Adwords as well as with Facebook Ads can be very effective. Both are top-notch online advertising platforms. But how do you choose the best channel for your advertising budget? Which internet giant does your earn marketing euros?

Search (Google Adwords) or Social (Facebook Ads)

Adwords is great because it offers the opportunity to reach your target group when they are looking for a product or service that matches your offer. You can show advertisements when the purchase intention of the potential customer is high. Facebook Ads, on the other hand, offer you the chance to reach your target audience on a hugely detailed demographic level.

Last year I used the following presentation to explain the difference in Google Adwords vs. Facebook Ads. Despite the fact that this presentation is now more than a year old, the principle still remains intact:

Advertising on Google is popular and because Adwords works with an auction system, this can drive up prices considerably. On Facebook, the price you will have to pay for a website visitor is often (considerably) lower.

In addition, it is also possible that you offer a new product or service, on which there is not (yet) much search. The desired range can then not be achieved with Google Adwords. Facebook Ads is then a good option thanks to the precision with which you can choose and reach the target group.

Persistent myths debunked

As an online marketer, I often hear the same misconceptions from clients about both Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. It would be a shame if these myths play a role in the choice of an advertising platform. High time for a round of mythbusting:

Misconception #1 – Facebook is not suitable for B2B.
On Facebook you can easily reach the target group at function level. This in combination with good opportunities for collecting leads makes Facebook suitable for B2B campaigns.
Misconception #2 – Google Adwords is good for my SEO.
Advertising with Google Adwords does not have any influence on the organic (unpaid) position of your website in Google.
Misconception #3 – I don't use/have a Facebook account or page, so Facebook Ads are unsuitable.
An active Facebook business page can help with campaign success, but is not a requirement.
Misconception #4 – I don't want to show my ads on my Facebook page.
Facebook ads don't appear on your Facebook business page. Existing followers will not see ads unless we explicitly choose to do so. Facebook ads can easily be stopped or changed.
Misconception #5 – My competitors click on my Google ads.
Ok, this may not be a misconception, there is a chance that this will happen (just like you with your competitors? ;-)). Fortunately, Google has very good systems against click fraud. Fraudulent clicks are filtered out of the account and do not require payment.

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