What Labels do I have put on my product from my supplier who will send them to Amazon FBA Warehouse?

What Labels do I have put on my product from my supplier who will send them to Amazon FBA Warehouse?

Labels needed for Amazon FBA shipment

Alright, so when you’re sending your products to Amazon FBA warehouse, you gotta make sure you have the right labels on them, otherwise, the whole process can become a real pain in the a**. Firstly, you’re gonna need the FNSKU or UPC labels. These are unique codes assigned to your products by Amazon, and they help them keep track of your inventory.

Getting the FNSKU

To get the FNSKU label, you’ll need to print it out from your Seller Central account. You can either do this individually for each product, which can be a bit tedious, or you can get Amazon to do it for you for a fee. Once you have the label, you’ll need to stick it on each of your products before you send them off to the warehouse.

Carton Labels

In addition to the product labels, you’ll also need to put carton labels on your shipping boxes. These labels have information like the shipment ID, the destination warehouse, and the number of units in the box. Amazon requires these labels to make sure your shipments are processed quickly and efficiently.

Packing Slip

Oh, and don’t forget the packing slip! This is a document that goes inside your shipping boxes and provides details about the contents of the box. Amazon uses this to verify the accuracy of your shipment. Make sure the packing slip matches the contents of the box, or else you might run into problems down the line. “, “So there you have it, the labels you need to have on your products when sending them to Amazon FBA warehouse. It may seem like a lot of work, but trust me, it’s all worth it to make sure your products get to the right place and start selling as quickly as possible. Happy selling!

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