What is an Amazon ASIN?

Amazon's ASIN stands for "Amazon Standard Identification Number" … it is a code that consists of 10 characters, and this unique number is assigned by Amazon itself or partners.

Amazon ASIN is basically Amazon's own SKU code.

It is mainly used to identify products, for books ASINs are actually the ISBNs.

An Amazon ASIN is important for Amazon and the third-party sellers of the platform, because an ASIN is used to refer to product catalog data, track inventory and index pages in search results.

So use the correct ASINs for your products, because otherwise Amazon will obviously not be able to find your products when customers search for them on the platform.

Please note: The same type of ASINs are often used across different marketplaces but this is not guaranteed. The ASIN is basically only a unique code for a particular marketplace, for example Amazon UK. 

If your product is not yet listed on Amazon … then a new product listing can be created including the ASIN that goes with it.

Why can I find my Amazon ASIN?

You can find out the ASIN of your products in different ways. Namely via the URL of a product page or in the product details.

Amazon ASIN in the URL

The easiest way to find out the ASIN is to look in the URL of a product page, after the name of the product and "dp/" and otherwise you can always look at the specifications on a product page.

Amazon ASIN in the product details

You can also find the ASIN in the product details of your product. For this, you have to scroll down until you see t heading: product details. This contains all the details of your product, including the Amzon ASIN!


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