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What is Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon A+ Content gives sellers the opportunity to share even more about their brand and products through more extensive content, more images, and even the use of videos. It gives your (potential) customers a better customer experience and that will help boost your traffic and sales. When applied correctly, you're basically giving customers everything they need to know (and want to see) to convince them to choose your product.

An important aspect here is that you must be registered with Amazon Brand Registry.

When you sell your own branded product line (private label) on Amazon, it is possible to protect your brand, reputation and customer experiences via Amazon Brand Registry. It is a very powerful tool for any seller.

By default, your product pages are not equipped with the option to place Amazon A+ Content on them. So you will first have to be registered, after which you can add it to the Amazon ASIN you want to use it for (or several of course).

But that is quite easy to do, because from July 2019 Amazon A+ Content will be available for both vendors and sellers. However, a vendor can also (by invitation) use a premium version of Amazon A+ Content … that has interactive features and video options to offer.

Example: Amazon A+ Content

amazon a content2

What can you do with Amazon A+ content?

It gives you the opportunity to create even more (relevant and creative) content, so that you can convince customers even better to buy your products. And that, of course, gives you an edge over many competitors, because most sellers will just use the standard content for product pages.

And that experience can quickly lead to you receiving more traffic, making sales and also experiencing an increase in the search results.

It makes your customers more emotionally engaged with your brand and the products you sell. Just imagine what makes even more high-quality product photos loose in people, or people can read even more about your brand and product line. You can also build a better relationship with your target group, and see an increase in returning loyal customers (building customer loyalty is an extremely powerful marketing tool).

Furthermore, you can also use more keywords, so that you can be found on an even wider variation and can also pick up that grain.

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