Top 3 Jungle Scout Alternatives

As an Amazon seller, you know how much work it takes to get established. It would be best if you were through at setting up and managing your products once they are shipped. Starting and maintaining your selling journey on Amazon can be overwhelming.

Luckily seller tools such as Jungle Scout can make it easier. Jungle Scout is the prime all-in-one platform for selling, finding, and launching products on amazon.

With Jungle Scout, you get advanced features, up-to-date tools, and valid data that help you make wise and informed decisions on your business on Amazon. It is perfect for those unsure of where to start from and those existing on Amazon, supporting your business all the way.

However, it is wise to look at some Jungle Scout alternative options as well. There are seller tools available other than Jungle Scout that are just as good and can help you spot your preferred merchandise easily with exploration tools that help you find out what can sell more.

This article will list 3 of these Jungle Scout alternatives and see how they compare to Jungle Scout.

1. Helium 10


Score: 9/10

Helium 10 is a perfect Jungle Scout alternative, and it can be quite a task deciding between the two because Helium 10 is still as accurate. The Helium 10 chrome extension is good at helping a seller determine what goods will sell more.

It has 5 chrome extension tools, including a Profitability Calculator, Review Downloader, X-Ray, ASIN Grabber and Inventory Levels. However, the Jungle Scout chrome extension is more precise than Helium 10.

On the other hand, Helium 10’s web app has more tools than Jungle Scout’s. The web app is easier and faster to use while going through products on Amazon.


Helium 10 is very expensive compared to Jungle Scout. It, however, offers a free version to sellers to help them decide on whether to elevate with this search tool or not. Jungle Scout offers a14 day money-back assurance but does not come with a free trial.

2. AMZScout

AMZScout vs Jungle Scout

Score: 7/10

AMZScout gives you that Jungle Scout feel, making it a good alternative.

It has a chrome extension and a web app version, just like Jungle Scout. If you are in a country where you can use Jungle Scout, you can also be sure to access AMZScout.

With AMZScout, you get 4 free bonus tools that are very valuable, including an Amazon Inventory Spy, a Sales Estimator, an FBA Fee Calculator and an Amazon to eBay Price Comparator.

This tool also covers tracking, profit estimations and sales. AMZScout has other beneficial features, including:

  • It gives a quality listing of products based on their reviews, brand, and other specifications.
  • Rating other products instantly.
  • Keeps all the data available on a product.
  • Has a keyword search tool.

Its only downside to Jungle Scout is that it is slower and heavy, affecting your computer’s efficiency.


You can pay monthly, yearly or get a lifetime subscription. The pro extension is $45.99 monthly, while the seller bundles are $49.99 monthly.

3. Unicorn Smasher

Score: 6/10

The Unicorn Smasher extension is an ok free Jungle Scout alternative.

It is pretty effective for users and comes at no cost. Though Jungle Scout is a better option, Unicorn Smasher is basically the same but will less advanced features.

Unicorn Smasher’s approximations are not completely figured, making them less detailed and practical than Jungle Scout approximations. You also fetch data much faster with Jungle Scout.

Even though Unicorn Smasher is free, you cannot rely on its assistance as much as Jungle scout. With Jungle Scout, you get superior time-saving filters, and it allows safekeeping as you are permitted to share only conclusions.


Being an Amazon seller takes dedication, and investing in the best search tool for your trade will help you maintain a thriving business on Amazon. It is good to take your time and evaluate these different alternatives before settling on one.


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