Dropship Rabbit

Dropship Rabbit Review & Alternatives

Dropshop Rabbit offers a huge list of dropshipping products that you can directly import into your dropshipping store!

This will take away the very annoying task of having to search for products online. As they daily add high profit products to their database!

Dropship Rabbit

1. Features of Dropship Rabbit

  • List of 97,000,000+ dropshipping products.
  • Ttutorials including Facebook Ads beginners’ guide, Facebook Ads for dropshipping, and how to survive with your online business.
  • Full-features product list with links to the manufacturers, competitors’ Facebook pages, and best suppliers.
  • 250,000+ stores.
  • Integrations to Facebook, Amazon, Ali Express, Woo Commerce, eBay, and Shopify.
  • Ready video ads in the premium plan.
  • Targeted audience.
  • Product pictures.
  • Animated GIF in descriptions.

Full list with all features

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2. Dropship Rabbit Pros

Dropship Rabbit comes with a large product database, providing more options to merchants. Notably, the database consists of trending products across all dropshipping stores in the world split up into various categories, depending on their recency. These include just launched bestsellers, today’s bestsellers, and last week’s best sellers.

The company deals in a wider range of categories compared to other dropshipping companies, suiting more merchants. These categories include health and beauty, car accessories, gifts, gadgets, home and kitchen, phone accessories, pets, sports, and fitness, not to mention tools. Other categories included are kids and babies products, as well as outdoor.

Besides that, Dropship Rabbit offers all the knowledge and skills that will go a long way in succeeding in the dropshipping business. This is evidenced by the well thought out video tutorials, showing how to survive with your online business and how to capitalize on Facebook Ads in your dropshipping business.

Lastly, Dropship Rabbit deals with products that have great profit margins. According to the website, the least profit you can make off an item that you sell is $20. Assuming you make 500 sales a day, you would be making a cool $10k daily without even having an actual inventory. This seems hard to believe, but trust me—many merchants make that much and even more on the platform because of those profit margins per product.


3. Dropship Rabbit Con

The only drawback of Dropship Rabbit is that it doesn’t offer a free plan, putting potential new members in a dilemma. Unlike Zendrop, this dropshipping platform consists only of paid plans, which are Standard and Premium. The former and the latter go for $14.99 per month and $19.99 per month, respectively. As such, if you need to do a trial first before committing your money to a dropshipping platform, this platform might not be an ideal choice.

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4. Dropship Rabbit Alternatives

Even though Dropship Rabbit is an incredible dropshipping software with a whole host of advantages, that is not to say that it’s the only choice that I would recommend. There are many other similarly good alternatives that I wouldn’t hesitate to talk positively about. These include Ecomhunt and Pexgle.

Ecomhunt has search features and better sorting ability than Dropship Rabbit. That enables users to sort products by price(low or high), popularity, and recentness. As far as Pexgle is concerned in relation to Dropship Rabbit, it allows users to sell products they have found and analyzed themselves, unlike the latter which compels them to deal in products that the software has found for them. While both are rewarding, Pexgle’s strategy leads to higher success than Dropship Rabbit’s.


Final Thoughts

Taking the features of the software into consideration, and weighing the pros against the con of it, it’s safe to say that Dropship Rabbit is a useful solution for running a dropshipping business.

This software comes with important features that allow users to carry out dropshipping transactions effectively and efficiently. Plus, the advantages that it comes with including offering an opportunity for both merchants and affiliate members to make money, make this software the best choice for many users. With that said, I would confidently recommend it to anyone who wishes to make money with dropshipping.

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