Can Amazon support delete product reviews?

Can Amazon support delete product reviews?

Amazon Support and Deleting Product Reviews

So, here’s the deal with Amazon and product reviews – Amazon’s support team does have the ability to delete reviews, but it’s not as simple as just asking them to do it. They have certain guidelines and criteria that they follow when deciding whether or not to remove a review.

Guidelines for Removing Reviews

According to Amazon’s guidelines, they will only delete a review if it violates their community guidelines. This includes things like hate speech, profanity, or reviews that are clearly fake or malicious. So, if you have a legitimate reason for wanting a review removed, you’ll need to show that it violates one of these guidelines.

How to Request Review Removal

If you believe a review violates Amazon’s guidelines and should be removed, you can contact Amazon’s support team and provide them with evidence of why the review should be taken down. This could include screenshots of the review, along with an explanation of why it violates their guidelines.

Decision on Review Removal

Amazon’s support team will then review your request and the evidence you’ve provided, and make a decision on whether or not to delete the review. It’s worth noting that their decision is final, so if they decide not to remove the review, there’s not much else you can do about it.


So, in short, yes, Amazon support can delete product reviews, but only if they violate their community guidelines. If you believe a review should be removed, gather evidence and submit a request to their support team.

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