Amazon Sales Rank Chart

Amazon Sales Rank Chart 2022

Amazon is the number 1 e-commerce marketplace in the world with hundreds of millions of products listed. This variety offers customers the chance to search and find the products they need. And, while this variety is great for customers, it’s not great for sellers because it means great competition.

As an Amazon seller, you want to know how to stand out from the rest. You want to know which products will sell the most so that you can make a good profit. After all, everyone is in for the money.

Fortunately, we have the Amazon Sales Rank Chart 2022. This chart shows how each category of products ranks on Amazon. That helps you understand where your products rank, estimate sales, and whether you need to choose another category. If you are about to start selling on Amazon, the sales rank chart helps you choose the right niche.

What Is Amazon Sales Rank?

The Amazon Sales Rank is a dream-come-true for every seller. It shows the current rank of the product in the marketplace. The closer it is to #1, the faster it sells out. However, it all depends on the product being sold as every product is different. Namely, craft supplies with a sales rank of 300 000 might sell several times a week, but a home decoration with the same sales rank sells a few times a year.

You see, the type of product plays a major role in selling success. That’s why you shouldn’t rely solely on the rank but also consider the product category. And, to better understand the sales rank, you need the Amazon Sales Rank Chart.

The Importance of Amazon Sales Rank Charts

Amazon Sales Rank Charts have always been popular among sellers. They show how product categories rank on the marketplace, thus serving as a guide to sellers for choosing the right products to sell. They help them make the right sourcing decisions and set parameters when searching for products to sell on Amazon.

U.S. Amazon Sales Rank Chart (Updated November 1st, 2021)

CategoryTop .5%Top 1%Top 3%Top 5%Top 10%Top 25%Total
Art, Crafts, & Sewing55,984111,969335,907559,8441,119,6892,799,22211,196,889
Baby Products14,29528,59085,769142,948285,897714,7422,858,968
Beauty & Personal Care48,06196,123288,368480,614961,2282,403,0719,612,282
CD’s & Vinyl39,90079,800239,400399,000798,0001,995,0007,980,001
Cell Phones & Accessories85,568171,136513,407855,6791,711,3574,278,39417,113,574
Clothing, Shoes, & Jewelry757,0681,514,1354,542,4067,570,67715,141,35437,853,385151,413,540
Everything Else52,540105,080315,240525,4011,050,8022,627,00410,508,016
Grocery & Gourmet Food16,53733,07499,221165,368330,736826,8403,307,361
Handmade Products11,07422,14966,446110,743221,487553,7162,214,865
Health & Household42,69285,383256,150426,917853,8342,134,5858,538,341
Home & Kitchen495,173990,3462,971,0394,951,7329,903,46324,758,65999,034,634
Industrial & Scientific67,060134,121402,363670,6041,341,2093,353,02213,412,089
Movies & TV26,79053,580160,741267,902535,8041,339,5105,358,039
Musical Instruments9,01818,03554,10690,176180,352450,8801,803,521
Office Products48,25996,518289,554482,591965,1812,412,9539,651,810
Patio, Lawn, & Garden60,974121,948365,844609,7411,219,4813,048,70312,194,813
Pet Supplies27,38854,776164,327273,878547,7551,369,3885,477,552
Sports & Outdoors149,055298,110894,3301,490,5492,981,0997,452,74729,810,988
Tools & Home Improvement118,906237,812713,4351,189,0582,378,1155,945,28823,781,150
Toys & Games39,28978,579235,736392,894785,7881,964,4707,857,878
Video Games5,00710,01330,03950,065100,130250,3251,001,300

Canada Amazon Sales Rank Chart (Updated November 1st, 2021)

CategoryTop .5%Top 1%Top 3%Top 5%Top 10%Top 25%Total
Beauty & Personal Care9,28418,56755,70292,836185,673464,1821,856,726
Clothing, Shoes, & Accessories105,290210,580631,7411,052,9012,105,8025,264,50621,058,023
Everything Else10,17920,35861,075101,792203,584508,9602,035,841
Grocery & Gourmet Food2,4074,81314,44024,06748,135120,337481,347
Health & Personal Care11,44222,88468,652114,420228,840572,0992,288,397
Home & Kitchen93,951187,901563,704939,5071,879,0154,697,53618,790,145
Industrial & Scientific4,7349,46828,40547,34294,683236,708946,832
Luggage & Bags2412193997388
Movies & TV4,0848,16924,50740,84581,689204,223816,892
Musical Instruments, Stage, & Studio1,9603,92011,75919,59839,19697,991391,964
Office Products6,44512,88938,66764,445128,890322,2261,288,903
Patio, Lawn, & Garden8,71317,42552,27687,127174,255435,6371,742,547
Pet Supplies8,19816,39749,19181,985163,970409,9241,639,697
Shoes & Handbags22451352254491,1234,493
Sports & Outdoors24,32748,654145,961243,268486,5361,216,3394,865,355
Tools & Home Improvement26,06952,138156,413260,688521,3761,303,4405,213,758
Toys & Games9,45918,91856,75394,588189,176472,9411,891,762
Video Games1,7103,42010,25917,09834,19685,489341,957

U.K. Amazon Sales Rank Chart (Updated June 15, 2021)

CategoryTop .5%Top 1%Top 3%Top 5%Top 10%Top 25%Total
Baby Products9,49618,99156,97494,957189,915474,7861,899,145
Business, Industry, & Science9,15618,31354,93991,565183,130457,8251,831,298
CD’s & Vinyl23,50447,008141,025235,042470,0841,175,2104,700,840
Computers & Accessories20,29140,582121,746202,910405,8201,014,5504,058,199
DIY & Tools48,22496,447289,342482,236964,4722,411,1809,644,721
DVD & Blu-ray6,93413,86841,60469,340138,680346,7001,386,800
Electronics & Photo42,43884,877254,630424,383848,7662,121,9158,487,661
Everything Else14,88429,76789,301148,835297,670744,1762,976,704
Garden & Outdoors19,29438,588115,764192,941385,881964,7033,858,812
Handmade Products1,5023,0059,01415,02430,04775,118300,473
Health & Personal Care14,88029,76089,279148,798297,595743,9882,975,950
Home & Garden14,91729,83489,503149,172298,344745,8612,983,444
Home & Kitchen126,645253,290759,8701,266,4502,532,9006,332,24925,328,995
Large Appliances2,7905,58016,74127,90155,803139,507558,026
Musical Instruments & DJ5,28010,56031,68052,800105,600263,9991,055,997
PC & Video Games2,8545,70917,12628,54457,087142,718570,873
Pet Supplies14,01528,02984,088140,146280,292700,7302,802,920
Shoes & Bags58,152116,305348,914581,5231,163,0452,907,61311,630,452
Sports & Outdoors44,96489,928269,785449,642899,2842,248,2098,992,837
Stationery & Office Supplies17,98535,970107,910179,850359,700899,2493,596,996
Toys & Games29,83959,678179,035298,391596,7831,491,9575,967,828

Mexico Amazon Sales Rank Chart (Updated November, 2021)

CategoryTop .5%Top 1%Top 3%Top 5%Top 10%Top 25%Total
Alimentos y Bebidas6211,2413,7246,20612,41231,031124,124
Automotriz y Motocicletas4,3128,62425,87143,11886,236215,589862,355
Deportes y Aire libre9,07718,15454,46390,772181,543453,8581,815,432
Herramientas y Mejoras del Hogar7,85815,71747,15078,583157,165392,9131,571,652
Hogar y Cocina23,67947,358142,075236,791473,5831,183,9574,735,828
Industria, Empresas y Ciencia1,1292,2586,77411,29022,58056,450225,799
Instrumentos Musicales9471,8955,6859,47418,94947,372189,488
Juguetes y Juegos5,61011,22033,65956,098112,197280,4921,121,966
Oficina y Papelería2,6835,36616,09926,83253,663134,158536,630
Productos Handmade2154301,2912,1524,30410,76043,038
Productos para Animales2,2924,58413,75222,91945,838114,596458,384
Ropa, Zapatos y Accesorios47,52995,058285,173475,289950,5782,376,4449,505,775
Salud y Cuidado Personal2,7455,48916,46827,44754,894137,236548,943

How to Use an Amazon Sales Rank Chart?

You can use the Amazon Sales Rank Chart for product research. Using the Amazon Sales Rank Charts, you can determine which products sell well and fast. This will prevent you from losing money on items that sell slow or don’t really sell. These charts are excellent in estimating the demand for a product, thus giving you the chance to choose products that will always be in demand. And, deciding upon the category is very easy since the higher the sales rank, the more sales it generates.

Unfortunately, Amazon removed the option for determining the number of products per category in January 2018. This made it hard to create sales rank charts. With that, sellers felt lost and couldn’t find a way to determine which products to sell.

How to Create an Amazon Sales Rank Chart?

Ever since Amazon removed the data on the number of products per category, people turned to CamelCamelCamel and Keepa when deciding upon product sourcing. I’m not saying this is bad because the information they provide is valuable. They allow sellers to look at the history of a product and the chance of it continuing to be sold. However, it seems that sellers prefer the Sales Rank Chart because it gives them a better overview of the marketplace and how each category ranks.

Here’s great news for current and future Amazon sellers…

Although Amazon has removed the option for easily determining the number of products in a category, there is a way to create an Amazon Sales Rank Chart.


You need to use Keepa!

Keepa shows you the number of products it tracks on Amazon. If you do more research, you can find out the number of products it tracks per category and even subcategory. While this data is really valuable, it’s not presented in a user-friendly format which makes it hard to read and understand. Plus, it’s not presented in a table that shows the sales rank as a percentage of each category.

So, you need to do that yourself!

To create an Amazon Sales Rank Chart, you need to:

  • Create a table in Excel
  • Add the data Keepa provided you with
  • Add a math equation for calculating the percentage in each cell

In the tables above, you can see that we’ve ranked the top quarter percentage in the major categories. You can follow our example or create your own with the data you want or need.

The Amazon Sales Rank Chart and Seller’s Success

There’s no doubt that having a Sales Rank Chart helps you make the right decision when it comes to product sourcing. However, that doesn’t mean you should rely on it 100%.

When deciding upon which products to sell, consider the chart data, but also use product research tools like Jungle Scout, Helium 10, Viral Launch, and AMZScout. Also, use Keepa and CamelCamelCamel for tracking products’ rank in the marketplace.

As a matter of fact, you can install the Keepa Extension on your browser to have sales charts on your Amazon page. It also allows you to track products’ prices, set price alerts, and much more.

3 Factors That Affect Amazon Sales Rank

Amazon doesn’t reveal how it calculates the sales rank. However, sellers have found that some factors affect it. Those factors are:

1. Category

The product’s sales rank depends on its category. Namely, if you sell a photo frame in two categories: “Home Decor” and “Camer & Photo”, it will rank better in the first one because it’s more accurate for the product. That’s why it’s important to select the right category for your products when creating their listing.

2. Sales

This includes the number of sales, recency of sales, and history of sales. In terms of the number of sales, the more sales you have, the high sales rank your product(s) has. When it comes to the recency of sales, consistent sales increase the sales rank whereas the inconsistent ones, decrease it. And, last, the sales history serves as a report card showing the past sales, which helps Amazon estimate the number of future sales.

3. Listing Optimization

The listing optimization works like SEO for Amazon as it allows sellers to rank their product listings for keywords and drive organic traffic. Since optimized listings drive more traffic, the chance of someone buying them is greater. And, as we know, more sales equals a higher sales rank.

Tips to Improve Your Product’s Sales Rank

1. Do Good Product Research

It all starts with finding the right product to sell. You will either win or lose the game of Amazon selling. That’s why you have to do good product research using one of the popular tools like Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, Helium 10, AMZScout, Unicorn Smasher, and similar. Doing so will help you find products that have high demand by low competition. Those products will bring you sales and make you money.

2. Optimize Your Product Listings

Optimized product listings rank products higher on the Amazon product page, which leads to a greater chance of sales. To optimize your product listings, you need to:

  • Write a descriptive product’s title that contains relevant keywords
  • Write a detailed product description that contains the right keywords
  • Add high-quality images accompanied with Alt text
  • Set a competitive price

3. Focus on Daily Sales

If you want to boost your sales rank, you need to focus on your daily sales. They have a direct impact on the rank and ensure it stays consistent. Also, they will result in long-term growth because will maintain more or less the same rank. And, products that maintain a good rank for a long time receive more sales, thus helping you grow your business.

4. Promote Your Product Listings

Promotion, promotion, promotion! It is the best way to put your products in front of the consumers’ eyes. You can promote your product listings in various ways, including Amazon PPC, social media + ads, and giveaways.

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