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Silkroad whose name was changed to Zendrop is a robust dropshipping tool that is packed with a wide range of awesome features. This software makes the dropshipping business easier for merchants and the experience worthwhile for buyers. It comes with everything a merchant will require to run their dropshipping business functions from filling orders and packaging to shipping and delivering orders to clients. This unbiased review takes you through the software, highlighting its features, pros, and cons, alongside a few alternatives. Without further ado, let’s begin with the features that make it an extremely useful tool for merchants.

Zendrop Silkroad Dropshipping



Silkroad comes with a whole host of awesome and useful features. Notably, some of the features also double as pros. To that effect, don’t allow confusion to get the best of you when you see them repeated in the section of this review that talks about the pros of Zendrop. Having said that, the key features of this dropshipping software are broken down as follows:


  • Order auto-fulfilling – This important feature allows your online store to automatically fulfill your customers’ orders without your input, saving time and effort. Many online merchants agree that fulfilling orders is one of the most dreaded and unpleasant parts of running dropshipping or e-commerce operations. It’s time-consuming and arduous, to say the least.
  • Live chat support – Just like other awesome dropshipping tools such as Dropship Rabbit, Zendrop offers live chat support that’s actually effective. This helps solve any issues a merchant may experience in using the software, instantly regardless of their geographical location.
  • Real-time agent support for American-based merchants—If you thought having live chat support is incredible, I’m pleased to inform you that there’s something even more amazing about using Zendrop in your dropshipping business, especially if you’re based in the US. It gives you a chance to interact in real-time with American support agents, making solving your issue a lot easier with no language barriers, and time zone difference challenges that would otherwise force you to wait for hours before getting a response.
  • Real-time analytics – Analytics is an important function in running a successful e-commerce business. Without this, you wouldn’t be able to tell how many individuals visited your website, how many people ordered your product, what product sells the most, etc. You wouldn’t have key insights you can use to better the shopping experience for your customers to grow your business. Zendrop is one of the few dropshipping software that provides accurate, real-time analytics.
  • Thank You letters – Finally, this software comes with a feature that allows you to create thank you letters, which your customers will receive when they order items on it. Sending Thank You letters to customers who have given you business is not only a kind and professional gesture, but it is also a great way for you to make people love your brand and grow your business.


Zendrop Pros


  • Fast order processing – You’ll agree with me that one of the top considerations for many online buyers is the duration it will take for the business to process and dispatch their order. Many online stores that are rated top for fast order processing will take between 24 and 48 hours to verify orders and release them for shipping. With Zendrop, your business will be able to process and dispatch orders within the same timeline just as those businesses.
  • Fast shipping – what is the most important factor that influences buyers to order products on a website? You’ll be surprised that it’s not the price or quality, but the duration for which it will take to get the product delivered to their doorstep. The shorter it is, the more likely it will be for people to buy from you. To that effect, this software will enable your business to deliver products to customers within 7 days, the fastest shipping time within the dropshipping industry
  • Incredible support—dropshippers who use Zendrop enjoy incredible support, making their experience with this software super awesome. This is ensured by live chat and real-time agent support features.
  • Hassle-free analytics—Zendrop’s real-time analytics plus other select features make it easy for businesses to do analytics. This is a great way for them to understand their customers’ behavior better to improve the overall shopping experience and grow the brand.
  • A free plan—while Zendrop is a paid dropshipping software, there’s a limited version of it that can be used without paying anything. With this, you cannot handle more than 50 orders a month.


Zendrop Cons


i. Dwindling level of customer support—since it’s inception, the number of clients using Zendrop has grown by more than 40 times what the company had anticipated. Seemingly, this is starting to take a toll on the quality of its customer support.


Zendrop Alternatives


There are a few good alternatives to Zendrop. These include Dropship Rabbit, Oberlo, and Spocket. Dropship Rabbit integrates with several big marketplaces, fulfills orders, and handles shipping. Oberlo enables users to find products and import them to their Shopify store. It also handles the aspect of shipping to their customers. Spocket allows dropshippers to source and dropship products from the biggest markets in the world namely; the US and Europe.

Final Thoughts

Zendrop is a great software tool that allows users to run their dropshipping businesses more efficiently. For example, it allows them to source and ship ordered products to their customers promptly. This makes their businesses ranked highly for speedy delivery. If you want to grow your dropshipping business, I recommend this software.


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