I think that OBERLO is better than CJ DROPSHIPPING! 
I have used both products and as you can see from the comparison table below, OBERLO is superior over CJ DROPSHIPPING.

Logooberlocj dropshipping
DescriptionWith Oberlo you can browse thousands of products and directly add them to your Shopify dropshipping store. Very easy to setup and start selling!
CJ DropShipping is one of the best agents which works primarily with drop shipping partners of many of the top 100 SHOPIFY, WooCommerce, AMAZON, eBay, ETSY, and many more popular stores.
  • Automated Pricing
  • Auto order fulfillment
  • Browse thousands of products and add them directly to your store.
  • Easy to setup
  • Free dropshipping courses include!
  • The major customers of CjDropshipping.com are WordPress, Shopify, Etsy runners, and Amazon.
  • CjDropshipping.com owns nearly 200 cooperated factories and a warehouse of 20 000 square meters.
  • CJ DropShipping Free US warehouse inventory.
  • CJ DropShipping Sourcing any products for your dropshipping business and free.
  • CJ DropShipping Cheaper price for factory direct supply goods.
  • CJ DropShipping Print on Demand with thousands of products.
  • CJ DropShipping Professional products video and images supply.

List with all features
  • FREE to use if you have a Shopify store!
  • Easy to setup.
  • Lots of high quality dropshipping suppliers to pick from.
  • The factory direct supply goods facility of CjDropshipping.com offers a complete range of drop shipping business and it, in turn, enables the customers to manage a great variety of products in an affordable price without the warehouse cost.
  • CjDropshipping.com will not place any invoice or receipt into its customers’ parcel without taking their permission.
  • The custom cards, as well as pouches, of the customers of CjDropshipping.com will be available and that will be inserted into each of their parcels.
  • The fastest delivery time of CjDropshipping.com to the USA is within the time-frame of 4 days by ePacket.
  • CjDropshipping.com is the key drop shipping partner of the topmost 100 Shopify stores.
  • Only works with Shopify stores
  • The app makes it difficult to do good business because the freight is very expensive.
PriceOberlo has a free plan, with a 500 product limit. Want to add more than 500 products? Then their paid plan is $7,90 per month.They charge for Warehouse, Processing, Shipping Fee that varies country by country.
Free trialYes get started for freeYes, click here for a free trial!
Compatible with
  • Shopify
Customer Service
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